Shannen Doherty Cancer: Documenting Her Story on Instagram

45-year-old Shannen Doherty influenced many people that were coming of age in the 1990s because of her influential role in the hit TV show 90201. She is again touching people with her positive and real way of fighting her ongoing battle with cancer.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Doherty is facing the life-threatening disease with courage, charisma and spunk. Much like her 90210 character, Brenda Walsh, she is facing this challenge with strength and determination. Her battle with cancer has not been a simple test of will. When Doherty was originally diagnosed it was recommended by her doctor to remove her entire breast instead of going the route of a lumpectomy due to there being multiple cancerous lumps. After the mastectomy it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and possibly beyond.

Shannen Doherty Breast CancerPhoto by Watchwithkristin/Wikimedia Commons

And this is where Shannen Doherty has once again shown her strength as a woman.

Beginning in July Doherty began posting true-to-life-with-cancer photos on her Instagram account, theshando. Her realness brought into reality the affect that this devastating disease has on a person. Yet, it is evident in each photo that she is staying strong, staying positive and staying true to where she is at in her life. For example, the photos began with her admirable account of shaving her gorgeous, shiny, silky hair off (which has been an envy of many women for over two decades). She took it as well as possible, offering a supportive shoulder for other women with cancer to lean on by showing her strength.

She has continued her Instagram photo tribute to her battle with cancer. The later pictures could bring tears to a person’s eyes. If nothing else, it is bringing into light the graceful and kind toughness that Doherty exhibits. The photos have ranged in their offering. Among the spattering of shots are fun pictures of her messing around with husband Kurt Iswarienko. Others show her giving love and assisting in finding homes for mistreated dogs at a humane society. Others still offer inspiration by showing her having a Ladies Night to celebrate hunger before a chemo treatment. All of these pictures are beautiful examples of hope. Hope for anyone that is affected by this horrible and deadly disease.

Shannen Doherty is a shining example of strength, courage and grace in the face of evil. May we take her example and join her in facing life with a smile despite what comes our way.