Mom’s audacious act brings hope for her daughter’s second kidney donation

Hope and inspirational story of how 12 year-old Maddie Collins of New Zealand, who needs another kidney donation, after the first one donated by her father was rejected, took to social media for a new kidney.

Sarah Manson Collins, Maddie’s mother, has hope after her post on Facebook for help to get another kidney donation, generated many positive responses to help her daughter who loves animals and would love to be a vet someday.

Maddie Collins Kidney Donation(Via

Sarah Collins is not ashamed to beg for help. With her daughter’s life on the line, she took the bold step of posting this Facebook post asking for a kidney donor.

Sarah Manson Collins Kidney Donation Plea(Via Collins Facebook)

The plea for help has been very positive so far and though there is only a two percent chance of her matching anyone, she believes someone will. Her hope and inspiration can serve us all, even in dire circumstances, there is still hope.