Scalp coolers give women hope to retain hair during chemotherapy treatments

This cool gadget can help some women minimize their hair loss after rounds of chemotherapy. It may be coming to a clinic or hospital near you.

First getting the diagnosis that you have cancer is shocking enough. Then one has to think about the tough fight ahead with the chemotherapy treatments which sometimes we hope could spare the beautiful hair one has worked hard over the years to keep up.

Wearing a scalp cooler during chemotherapy.

Scalp Cooler(Via The Courier)

Surviving cancer definitely beats losing one’s hair, but won’t it be nice if you could just keep your hair after many rounds of chemotherapy? Well, there seems to be a technology used in the UK that is very promising to many cancer patients.

This is what may happen with the successful use of the scalp coolers – you may not lose your hair at all!

Elizabeth Logan After Cancer Chemotherapy With Hair(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Logan/The Courier)

According to UK’s The Courier, scalp coolers are special machines that can help prevent hair loss caused by certain chemotherapy drugs. In essence, these machines help many women go through chemotherapy without the telltale signs of cancer that a bald head may signify.

(Via Latest News Today/YouTube)

This cool technology works by using a lightweight silicone cap that is connected to a small refrigeration unit, which is placed on the head. This innovative machine then reduces the temperature of the scalp, hence restricting the amount of blood reaching the hair follicles, which in turn protects it from the effects of the chemotherapy drugs, and helps prevent hair loss.