Shocking discovery that may kill cancer cells – a great hope for cancer cure

Researchers in Hong Kong may have just discovered a stunning new way to advance the goal to kill cancer cells and lead to the cure for cancer.

Researchers in Hong Kong, have found a way to use a bacteria commonly associated with beef recalls to potentially kill cancer cells. Yes, we are talking about salmonella bacteria, something we associate with painful diarrhea and countless beef and produce recalls, may one day lead to the cure of cancer. Who would have thought that could happen.

Salmonella Kill Cancer Cells

(Via Coconuts Hong Kong)

Cancer cure is the Holy Grail and this could be a freaking big deal, so stay tuned there is hope.

Cancer Cure

Photo by Cancer Research UK/Wikimedia Commons

Specifically, the researchers were able to engineer the salmonella bacteria with the potential for them to destroy cancerous tumors and one day could be able to put a serious dent in the ability for cancer to spread or lead the way to a potential cure in the long run.