This pregnant mom with aggressive inflammatory breast cancer climbed 69 floors for charity

With doctors giving her a few years to live, 36-year old Apryl Roberts is determined to beat her rare and aggressive form of breast cancer against all odds.

Apryl Roberts is simply determined and the strength she shows is evident in her participation in the Big Climb, an annual fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in which participants climb the Seattle’s Columbia Center skyscraper’s 69 floors.

Apryl Roberts Inflammatory Breast Cancer(Via The Herald of Everett, Washington)

The amazing thing is that Apryl did her 1,311 steps up the skyscraper in just 16 minutes. That is a pregnant mom who is going through many rounds of chemotherapy and facing an uphill climb to save her life from as she puts it, a stage 3 or 4 inflammatory breast cancer.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive and rare breast cancer in which cancer cells impede lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, making the breast red, swollen, and tender. This form of breast cancer is rare, accounting for approximately 1 percent of all breast cancers.

Apryl's Big Climb GoFundMe(Photo Credit: Apryl’s Big Climb GoFundMe)

Apryl Roberts, who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer when she was 30 weeks pregnant, had to juggle taking care of her two-year old daughter and supportive husband Peter Roberts, as well as undergoing many rounds of chemotherapy which could put her developing fetus at risk.

She is determined despite her uphill battle to save her life and have a healthy baby. However, don’t count this former college distance runner out, Apryl is definitely not giving up. She has a fighter spirit, and she is well underway to being an inflammatory breast cancer survivor.