Polio virus may help cure cancer – giving hope to those with brain and other cancers

The FDA recently granted the treatment using genetically engineered polio virus to help kill cancer cells “breakthrough” status.

CBS News previously reported on the technology in its 60 Minutes show, but now that the treatment has been upgraded, it may lead to shorter times for new breakthrough therapies like this and others to come to the market.

Polio virus to treat brain cancer(Via CBS News/60 Minutes)

Basically, scientists at Duke University, North Carolina, genetically engineered the polio virus and by removing the virus’s disease-causing ability, and replacing it with a section of genetic code from the flu virus, they were able to design a treatment that kills cancer while leaving normal cells alone

Watch how the polio virus was genetically engineered.

(Via CBS Evening News/YouTube)

This treatment has been successful in some cancer patients so far, including Stephanie Lipscomb, whose glioblastoma tumor shrank for 21 months before disappearing completely.