Pedal for Hope – these amazing cops pedal for pediatric cancer research

These cops for cancer bring excitement to local schools and get an amazing welcome from cheering students.

Not often does those in uniform bring about a positive experience, but these police officers in Belleville, Ontario, Canada bring about an amazing positive experience to kids at the schools they stop by.

What started as a way to go to various schools and have fun with the kids, had blossomed into a charity event that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research.

Pedal for Hope(Via Belleville Intelligencer)

In fact, the police officers were blown away by the responses they got, that they have continued their cycling event for many years, starting with a small group of cops to a much bigger number of surrounding cops.

Besides cycling to promote pediatric cancer research and providing support to families facing childhood cancer, the police officers also promote a positive and healthy lifestyle to kids at schools. Plus these cops do it using their own vacation hours. Now that is some dedication!