Pastor’s faith has not wavered despite stage 4 liver cancer – you need a positive attitude

This pastor who has stage 4 liver cancer delivers encouraging sermons to his church and hope to all.

Rev. Steve Balsley who just had his seventh chemotherapy in his fight with stage 4 liver cancer, has not wavered in his faith in Christ, delivering words of encouragement to members of his church and living a life of hope and inspiration to many.

Reverend Steve Balsley Cancer Journey

(Via Rapid City Journal)

His amazing positive attitude and uplifting message in the face of his diagnosis, tells us that having a positive attitude goes a long way to helping one battle cancer. His cancer journey has been difficult, losing part of his stomach and having his esophagus removed in the process, but you won’t find a more positive person than Pastor Steve Balsley. Basically, he practices what he preaches.

In fact, the National Cancer Institute has revealed that those with cancer can help their well-being and the well-being of their family if they practice spiritual and religious beliefs.

Cancer can test our faith, but as Pastor Steve Balsley has done, we should keep up our faith and know that our spiritual journey through cancer can not only help us battle cancer more effectively, but help our family members or caregivers deal with the cancer too.

We are all in this together, keep the faith alive!