Uplifting story of man who made 49 crosses for Orlando shooting victims

65-year-old Greg Zanis, brought 49 crosses that contain each of the victims’ names killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting, driving from Chicago to do so.

His message is simple: “Love your bother, love your neighbor. Don’t judge them.” Wow! This guy is amazing and to drive a 1,000 miles to do so is remarkable on it own.

He further added: “We’re made in the image of God and when you see somebody dead like that it just changes. It’s like how can somebody do this to these people? How much hate was in this guy’s heart? I understand he went and shot them again.”

(Via CBS Miami/YouTube)

It is so uplifting to know there are people like Greg Zanis who do their little bit to advance the good in all of us. I say he deserves a thunder clap!