Hope for pancreatic cancer patients – you won’t believe how this amazing procedure works

With a diagnosis of an inoperable stage 3 pancreatic cancer, this lady did not lose hope in battling this deadly cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers out there, with only a very small percentage of those with pancreatic cancer surviving over 5 years. While pancreatic cancer survival rates don’t look as good as some other cancers, it doesn’t mean that one cannot have hope and improve their quality of life.

Leslie Wineberg Pancreatic Cancer Hope(Via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Having a positive attitude and having faith does tremendously help in any cancer diagnosis, especially pancreatic cancer. One lady who is always hopeful despite her stage 3 pancreatic cancer is Leslie Wineberg of Pennsylvania, who after undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, has another tool that will give her and others with pancreatic cancer hope for a much longer survival rate.

The innovative procedure is called NanoKnife irreversible electroporation, or NanoKnife IRE for short. In a nutshell, NanoKnife IRE is a procedure whereby pulses of electric current are delivered into cancer cells, creating openings in their membranes that kill the tumor, while leaving the healthy tissue and blood vessels from damage.

Zapping Cancer GiphyGiphy

Yes, basically these cancer cells are zapped with electricity!