Who said you cannot do a half Ironman with lung cancer? This guy will inspire you

Despite his terminal cancer, this man wants to inspire others and give hope that anything is possible.

54-year old Kirk Smith, who has an aggressive and genetic-linked form of lung cancer, that has no cure, doesn’t let anything hold him back. He believes he has hope, and he is determined to beat his cancer despite the fact it is a terminal illness.

Kirk Smith Half Ironman Triathlon Lung Cancer Story(Via Fox News Health)

He is training for a half Ironman triathlon, something most people without any illness will find hard to do, but he is doing it while getting treatment for his stage 3B lung cancer. Despite the survival rate of only 5 percent, this man is a warrior and wants to inspire those with cancer to be daring and bold and that anything is impossible.

Kirk Smith’s goal is to complete half of the PPD IRONMAN® North Carolina triathlon later this year as part of team Free to Breathe, a Madison, Wisconsin-based lung cancer research and advocacy organization.

We will definitely be cheering for him. You can still live a meaningful and happy life despite cancer, and Kirk shows that we can all do it.