Lung cancer survivor who lost a lung graduates from college – he never gave up his dream

Robert Pelley shows that despite his challenges with battling cancer and losing a lung, you can still aim high.

There are those that get detoured by little challenges in life and end up postponing their higher education dreams, but not Robert Pelley who just graduated from East Carolina University despite a challenging road to get there after battling lung cancer.

Robert Pelley Lung Cancer Survivor Story(Via CBS North Carolina)

Robert was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer at age 16, and after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, he lost a lung, but he never lost hope of going to college.

With his family and strong faith, he believes he can put his newly minted nursing degree to good use, providing hope and inspiration to intensive care unit patients. As Robert said, you have to look up despite any challenges, because every day is a new day and a new possibility. There is a purpose for all of us if we can fight through the tough journey that battling cancer brings.