A family’s mission to find a cure for juvenile batten disease is simply amazing

The Burtwistle family has a big mission by harnessing stem cells to cure their daughter and others.

At only 12, Olivia Burtwistle and her family know they have to find a cure for her Juvenile Batten Disease soon, but they are hopeful and happy because their mission goes beyond just saving Olivia. They have a greater mission that we should all be proud of.

Olivia Burtwistle Juvenile Batten Disease

(Via ABC News)

A happy family with hope.

Burtwistle Family Cure for Juvenile Batten Disease

(Via ABC News)

12-year old Olivia Burtwistle has a rare genetic disorder called Juvenile Batten disease. According to NIH’s Genetics home reference, Juvenile Batten disease is an inherited disorder that primarily affects the nervous system. After a few years of normal development, children with this condition could develop progressive vision loss, intellectual and motor disability, speech difficulties, and seizures.

This progressive disease would give any family cause for concern, but the Burtwistle family are optimistic a cure can be found in time to save their daughter and help many more with this rare genetic condition.

Her family is banking on using adult stem cell therapy as soon as possible to save her life. We believe such a noble cause will ultimately save Olivia and many others with this condition. Hang in there Olivia, you can do it.