This woman with Stage 4 lung cancer got her dream with Jon Bon Jovi

Who said dreams don’t come true. This woman got her prayer answered and she got a surprise of a lifetime.

Jon Bon Jovi surprised Stage 4 lung cancer fan Carol Cesario at his Toms River, NJ restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen after her daughter took to Facebook to start a viral campaign for the star to meet her mother, who is a longtime fan.

Not only did Jon Bon Jovi show up for a meal with Carol set up by Carol’s daughter Rosie Skripkunis, but he spent about an hour with her talking, showing that though he is still very cute at age 54, he has a heart of gold with his philanthropic efforts.

(Via Inside Edition/YouTube)

Carol Cesario can be rest assured that her fight with lung cancer will be victorious and God is on her side, not to mention spending time with a rock superstar like Jon Bon Jovi, does show that dreams do come true and there is no mountain she cannot move.

Carol also got an autographed guitar and a book, as well as a kiss on the cheek. Now that is worth saying “oh my God!”