16-year old cancer survivor stunned everyone with a 96% score – you gotta read this

This 16-year old cancer survivor went straight from the hospital battling cancer to take his class 10 school examinations and scored 96%.

Raghav Chandak was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a year ago, and despite the fact he couldn’t attend classes for six months due to his cancer chemotherapy treatments, with help from his teachers offering special classes from his hospital bed, and with lots of determination, he was able to take his Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) exam and score an astonishingly high percentage.

Raghav Chandak Cancer Survivor Scores 96% in ICSE Exam(Via India Today)

His score would have been difficult for someone who did not have his challenges, let alone someone fighting cancer with an aggressive treatment plan. Kudos to him. That shows that with lots of determination and hope one can beat back any type of illness and be on a path to achieving our dreams.