You won’t believe what this homeless teen did to attend college – truly inspirational

This homeless teenager surely has the drive and motivation to attend college and if he can do it, you surely can too.

It is common to get excuses for not rising to the occasion and doing what is necessary to be successful, but 19-year old Fred Barley, a homeless college student from Conyers Georgia, rode his kid brother’s bike six hours from Conyers to Barnesville Georgia to register for classes for his second semester of college.

Wow! Talk about motivation. Not only did he ride his bike for six hours, he decided he will camp in some bushes in the campus for a few weeks till the campus dorms at Gordon State College opens in August.

(Via WSB-TV/YouTube)

His amazing story did not finish there. Even though officers found Fred sleeping in a tent over the weekend outside the college, instead of giving him a ticket for trespassing, the officers listened to his story and decided to pay for a few nights for him to stay at a local motel.

With the support of the local community, after one of the officer’s wife posted the story on a Barnesville community Facebook page, he now has a job, and his GoFundMe page has received over $30,000. This biology major, who dreams of going to medical school one day, said: “The stuff that’s happening with police officers, I am black and he didn’t care what color I was. He just helped me, and that meant a lot.”

In other words, what are you waiting for? If there is a will, there is a way, and God helps those who help themselves.