David Bowie
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David Bowie Dead at 69 From Cancer

David Bowie Dead

David Bowie Dead

69-year old legendary singer David Bowie, who was born David Jones in London in 1947, died after battling cancer for 18 months. Lung cancer is rumored to be his cause of death.

According a statement posted on the artist’s official social media accounts, by his representative, “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.”

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Health News Wrap-Up: January 8, 2016

Health News Wrap Up

Every Friday we will be doing a health wrap up of what has been happening during the week. Here is this week Health News.

New Dietary Guidelines Released

The U.S. government’s latest eating guidelines was released only to be greeted with the usual accusations that they go too far, or don’t go far enough, or leave out something important.

Most criticism comes from cancer researchers and other experts who are upset that the guidelines don’t say more about eating less meat. “We are pretty disappointed the report doesn’t recommend limiting red and processed meat because of the link to cancer,” said Katie McMahon of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

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Natalie Cole Died
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Natalie Cole, Daughter of Nat “King” Cole Dead at 65

Natalie Cole Dead

Natalie Cole Dead

65-year daughter of jazz legend Nat “King” Cole died Thursday night December 31st 2015 and she is reported to have died of congestive heart failure and other complications from ongoing health issues at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

A new statement by a family of Natalie Cole indicate that Natalie Cole’s cause of death was  Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH).

The family staement said: “This is a very serious and progressive disorder in which the small blood vessels of the lungs are markedly narrowed or obstructed. ” They also added that Natalie Cole had been diagnosed with IPAH five years ago after a successful kidney transplant.

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Feng Shui

5 Tips on Using Feng Shui to Enhance Connection

feng-shuiAre you looking for love or a deeper connection with friends and family? Do you yearn to have a sense of belonging? Do you know that you have a soul mate that is there in your horizons ready to be met?

It might be time to bring in the age old practice of Feng Shui that can help in all aspects of life: health, wealth, love and wellbeing. Using certain characteristics of this belief system has proven effective in changing negative situations into positive and creating change where stagnation existed before.

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Sex and Relationships

5 Tips to Happy Dating

Dating Tips

We all deserve love, and there is a person for each and every one of us. The hard part can be finding that person.

It’s rare that we find our soul mates early in life. For most of us, we get to enjoy the roller coaster ride of dating and first time dates. It can be both fun and not fun. If you are a person that was in a long term relationship and now find yourself back out on the dating scene, this stage can seem overwhelmingly foreign and intimidating. Whether you have been single for a long time or a short duration, dating can just be an awkward place in life.

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Sex and Relationships

3 Tips on How to Get Full Commitment in Your Relationship

How to Get Commitment in a Relationship

It is a normal reaction by men, across the global board of dating, to shy away from committing fully in a relationship. And it’s not only men. Women can sometimes feel the tugging calls of independence.

No matter what your gender, if you want to move your relationship forward and get your special someone to commit, then know that the lack of commitment by the other person is usually caused by one of two things. One: the person may be frightened to death at the thought of having to be in a monogamous relationship. Two: There’s hasn’t been a reason to make the commitment.

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Find Out if Your Lover is Lying
Sex and Relationships

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out if Your Lover is Lying


Lying in Relationships

When it comes to relationships there is one major component that has to exist for it to succeed: trust. Without trust, a relationship is nothing more than a shell of its true potential that can be blown into oblivion with the first major challenge. Trust truly is the foundation of a relationship that lasts forever.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the dating world, not all are playing by the same rule book. Do you know if you can truly trust your significant other? Although it is definitely true that not all single people are self-centered, egotistical maniacs, the truth of the matter is, there are coy people out there that hide under a veil of untruths, seeming to be a better person than they truly are.

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connection-between-mind and-body
Mind & Body

Creating a Connection Between Mind and Body for a Happier Life


Mind and Body Connection

Creating a mind/body connection is a gift that you can give to yourself every day. This gift promotes wellness, joy and a deeper sense of self. By connecting the mind and body you allow yourself to shine and participate in creating your purpose in life.

But how does a person create this connection between the mind and body. Deepening this connection first begins with making an agreement with yourself. This contract is a promise of kindness. It is a dedication of time each day that offers an opportunity for stillness. It has been proven scientifically that this act of consciously and mindfully quieting the mind does great good for the body. For example, it is known to increase the functioning capabilities of the frontal lobe of the brain, to decrease depression and create clarity where there was once confusion or stress.

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