Frozen man beat all odds to survive after being covered and thought to be dead

Frozen man was thought to be dead, but one doctor did not declare him dead…He did not feel right about doing it. He felt he had a small chance and he did what other doctors said he was crazy to do.

25-year old Justin Smith was in the cold for 10 to 25 hours and thought to be dead. In fact he was already covered with a white sheet and the coroner was already called. Then came hope in the form of a doctor, whose decision not to declare him dead, eventually saved his life.

Justin Smith Hypothermia Survivor(Via CBS New York)

Despite losing both his pinky fingers and all his toes, he survived and he is doing fine and a great inspiration to his family, friends and his community.

Watch and see why we should never give up on anybody, frozen or not.

(Via CBS New York/YouTube)

That goes to show you that it sometimes takes a special doctor, nurse or healthcare worker who fights for you to keep you alive. In other words, a fighting chance is exactly that. We all deserve to be given a fighting chance, because the human body is incredibly resilient.