man-eating-healthyFor daily healthy eating, the American Diabetes Association recommends individuals do the following:

  1. Write menus for every meal, including lunches.
  2. Plan and shop for all ingredients needed for the week ahead.
  3. Include one or two big recipes that can be “recycled” as leftovers or used for additional meals when there’s no time to cook. Set aside these extra portions and store them before serving the original dish.
  4. Stock up on basics: olive and vegetable oil, chicken and vegetable broths, frozen fruits and vegetables, seasonings, canned fish and healthy sauces.
  5. Limit restaurant visits and take-out as much as possible.
  6. Don’t let junk food into the house. Buy or make diet-friendly snacks to keep on hand.
  7. Limit alcoholic drinks to one or two drinks over the course of the day, if your doctor says it is safe to have a drink once in a while. Also realize that alcoholic beverages can cause blood sugar to drop dangerously low if a person takes insulin shots or other diabetes medication.
  8. If drinking, always drink with a meal or soon after one.
  9. Choose drinks with low-sugar or sugar-free mixers, such as diet soda or tonic, sparkling water or club soda.
  10. Remember: Because alcohol is high in calories, it can cause weight gain.

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