At first she did not want to do a breast cancer walk, but she did to help all cancer cures

She figured walking for breast cancer cure will lead to other cures for other types of cancer.

Even though her brother had colon cancer, Kate Herzog knew a walk for breast cancer cure, will help her brother. His reasoning is that if a cure is found for breast cancer, other cancers won’t be far behind.

Kate Herzog walk for cancer cure(Via Steamboat Today and Photo Credit: Austin Colbert)

With this in mind, Kate is walking 26.2 miles over 2 days as part of AVON 39: The walk to end breast cancer. Her goal is bring hope and inspiration in finding a cure for all types of cancer, especially since cancer took the lives of her best friend and brother, leaving five children younger than 10 behind.

Kate is passionate about her goal, and it is very evident in what she said: “We are just going to keep walking until we can’t walk any more or a cure is found.” With such a determination, Kate and many others will help find a cure for cancer.