After You Return From Travel Abroad

After You Return From Travel Abroad - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Returning from travel abroad

After routine travel for short amounts of time, a medical examination is usually not necessary. However, in certain circumstances, it is advisable to be seen by your doctor. These include the following:

  • People who suffer from chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and/or liver disease should consult their doctor for a medical examination.

  • People who have fever, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, urinary problems, skin or genital infections, or flu-like symptoms shortly after returning from travel should have a medical examination immediately.

  • After visiting a malaria-risk area, people who develop a fever, flu-like symptoms, or become ill while traveling or within a year after returning home, should see a doctor immediately for medical care.

  • Having a medical examination after a long stay abroad is advised. Although certain diseases do not develop immediately after travel, some may appear within a few weeks. Anyone who becomes ill after returning from extended travel abroad should contact his or her doctor immediately.

There is always the possibility that a person who has been traveling has contracted an unusual disease--one with symptoms that do not become evident until many months following exposure (i.e., malaria). Consult your doctor for more information.