Eli Palmer has a muscle disorder, but still plays soccer

Eli Palmer brings joy to many despite his condition and he doesn’t let his limitations slow him down.

I had never heard about central core disease, but Eli Palmer who suffers from the extremely rare genetic condition that weakens his muscle’s, shows that despite his constant pain, he still brings lots of hope and inspiration to his family and many other people.

Eli Palmer still manages to play soccer while participating in a clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health to test a treatment for central core disease.
Eli Palmer Central Core Disease(Via NIH Intramural Research Program Blog)

Here is a quick factoid about central core disease.

(Via Bethany Kays/YouTube)

According to the National Institutes of Health’s Genetic Resource Center, Central Core Disease (CCD), also known as central core myopathy, is a disorder that affects muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles), and this extremely rare genetic condition causes muscle weakness that ranges from almost unnoticeable to very severe.