This cancer survivor got her inspirational song into the Top 40 – without singing lessons

Even after battling breast cancer and having a double mastectomy, she kept her singing dreams alive.

38-year old breast cancer survivor Emma Kirke did something remarkable by teaming up with the band Bravado Cartel to create an inspirational fundraising single called “Just Like Fighting Shadows,” and that song just cracked the UK’s top 40.

Emma Kirke with Bravado Cartel on the video for Just Like Fighting Shadows(Via The Huddersfield Examiner)

Her song inspires those with cancer to “Never Give Up,” and follow their dreams and aspirations. In fact the song is doing so well, that it is UK’s 33rd most bought single.

Wow! That is a single collaboration from a young lady who has had a tough battle with breast cancer. The single was to benefit Cancer Research UK.