Little girl cancer survivor plays cop for a day – a story of hope and courage

Little Sierra got her wish to play a cop for a day supported by the whole community, including the police department, the mayor and many well-wishers.

7-year old Sierra Shank, a cancer survivor from North Idaho, got her dream of being a cop, by playing one for a day, supported by the local Spokane Washington police department and a great support from the Mayor and local residents.

Sierra Shank Cancer Survivor Plays Cop for a Day

(Via 11 Alive News)

The event was sponsored by Make-a-Wish Foundation for Sierra, who is in remission for her recent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis.

So how did Sierra do as an honorary cop for a day? I would say she was a badass!

She is a courageous little girl, who has endured a lot of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but still wants to achieve her dream of being a cop. I say you go girl!