This breast cancer survivor wants to move mountains for cancer research – literally

This breast cancer survivor has climbed mountains and run triathlons, proving that you can move mountains.

Ronda Sobotka decided to conquer cancer not just for herself, but for others fighting cancer by showing that what seemed unsurmountable can actually be done, and showing her warrior spirit by giving back in running races for cancer research.

 Ronda Sobotka Breast Cancer Survivor

(Via WBNS-10TV)

Yes, she has moved mountains by conquering cancer, not to mention that she has climbed Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not to be outdone, she has also done a few half ironman’s and various local Olympic triathlons in support of breast cancer research.

As, Ronda put it, you may have your own mountain to move in terms of your cancer diagnosis, but there is hope around every turn. Six years after finding out she has breast cancer at age 39, she is in better shape and she loves her role in spreading breast cancer awareness through her inspirational story.