Breast cancer survivor needing stem cell match to save her life wants you to know this

This breast cancer survivor’s survival strategy is “You gotta do what you gotta do,” and she does everything she can to fight a new battle with cancer in her blood.

Ginger Dill, a recent breast cancer survivor who has had a double mastectomy, doesn’t let anything slow down her fight for cancer advocacy.

Her latest advocacy for stem cell awareness is very close to her heart, and she knows she needs that herself to be a blood cancer survivor. Ginger and her friends started “Be-you-tiful Cells for Ginger,” an online campaign to find a potential stem cell match for Ginger’s stem cell transplant.

Ginger Dill Cancer - Be-you-tiful Cells for Ginger(Via Naples Daily News and Photo Credit: BE-YOU-tiful Cells for Ginger)

Her need for stem cell transplant resulted from the chemotherapy and radiation given to her during her breast cancer treatments, which lead to cancer in her blood years later. Now she is in a fight for her life, but don’t count this breast cancer survivor out, because she is a fighter and with help from friends and supporters , she knows she will find a match from someone who is between 18 to 44 years old.

With no siblings, and no match within the millions of available names in the stem cell donor database, it has been a tough road finding a match. However, with her faith and hope, she is inspiring many and we are all pulling for her, because we know that God helps those who help themselves and she is definitely doing that.