This doctor and son want to plant prayer flags on Mt. Kilimanjaro for cancer care access

Prayers can move mountains and they have the faith and effort to back it up.

This father and son team will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for cancer care access, starting with building a cancer care center in Moshi, Tanzania as part of a volunteer effort called “Radiating Hope.”

Dr. Larry Daughtery, a cancer doctor and his son want to start by bringing access to cancer care to the roughly 45 million people in Tanzania without it.

Dr. Larry Daughtery Radiating Hope(Via KTVA Alaska)

They will plant prayer flags at the top of Africa’s highest mountain, with prayers of people who have been affected by cancer or those who know people affected by cancer.

Prayer Flags(Photo by LeavXC/Wikimedia Commons)

You don’t have to climb one of the highest mountains in the world to plant your prayer flag for a loved one or a friend who has been affected by cancer. Praying for someone who has triumphed over cancer in what seemed like climbing a steep mountain will do.