Breast cancer survivor to walk topless 1,000 miles to congress – absolutely courageous!

If you need courage, look no further than to 49-year old breast cancer survivor Paulette Leaphart. She brings inspiration and courage to all breast cancer survivors.

Why I say Paulette is courageous, is that she is making the entire 1,000 mile journey on foot from Biloxi Mississippi to Washington D.C. to show lawmakers what a double mastectomy looks like for a breast cancer survivor who cannot afford the super high cost of her treatments.

Take a look at the hardest working woman in breast cancer awareness and healthcare reform.

Paulette Leaphart Breast Cancer Survivor(Via ABC News)

She is determined to do the walk and her strong will to highlight the plight of breast cancer survivors and the sky-high cost of many life-saving drugs. We definitely applaud her tenacity.