This breast cancer survivor wants to give back – raising money for mastectomy bras

After undergoing four operations in four months and having a mastectomy, this courageous mom decided to do something about it.

At only 36-years old Jemma Duggan, a mother of three, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After many surgeries to remove a small lump in her right breast were unsuccessful, she had a mastectomy and realized that her hospital in Hartlepool UK did not have enough mastectomy bras, and the thought of many women leaving the hospital without one, spurred her to take some action.

Jemma Duggan T Shirts for Mastectomy Bras(Via Hartlepool Mail)

Together with her partner, Jemma is selling T-shirts to raise money for pretty mastectomy bras, which are very expensive and many women may not be able to afford them. This inspirational cancer survivor is giving back to those who need it most and helping those in treatment have one less thing to worry about.