This woman fighting breast cancer won the lottery twice – wow!

Despite having breast cancer, Gina Short must be one of the luckiest people in the world.

Winning the lottery once is hard enough, now throw in twice in 3 months, now you are talking about literally lightning striking twice. However, this North Carolina breast cancer fighter is no ordinary lottery winner, because she is still undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Gina Short Breast Cancer Lottery Winner(Via WLTX 19)

In the first lottery, she won $1 million and within 3 months, she wins again, winning $250,000 the second time. Winning $1.25 million in 3 months? Now that is luck. The good thing is that it is well deserved and she can use that money to take care of herself and hopefully pamper herself once the treatments are over.

Her first million.

(Via Daily News/YouTube)

With so much luck on her side, she will beat her breast cancer. That will be the ultimate lottery prize!