7-year old boy who grew his hair for cancer, battling stage 4 cancer – but he is a fighter

This selfless 7-year old boy who grew his hair for 2 years to support kids with cancer, is now fighting stage 4 aggressive cancer. However, this is one optimistic kid.

7-year-old Vinny Desautels is no ordinary kid, and despite sometimes thought of as a girl because of growing his hair long, he was determined to bring smiles to kids battling cancer.

Vinny Desautels Hair Donation Battling Cancer

(Via Fox 40 News)

His frequent hair donations helped many kids have the confidence and hope to keep fighting cancer. Now diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 4 cancer, this little boy is not cowering to cancer, instead he is fighting cancer the way he knows. Lifting his head high, showing optimism and knowing that with family and well-wishers, he will be triumphant against cancer.

While the significant growth on his hip and in the bone around the eye, nose and cheek may be causing some discomfort, as a family member put it, “we got this.”