This woman wants to KO cancer with a mean punch – raising money for cancer research

This tough boxer of a mom sure can throw a mean punch, but she is doing it for cancer cure.

Tammy Schuetz-Cook, through her boxing participation in the charity Haymakers for Hope, helps raise money for cancer research, and she is well on her way to giving cancer a knockout punch.

Tammy Schuetz-Cook Haymakers for Hope

(Via Hometown Weekly)

Haymakers for Hope, a non-profit that was started by boxers in 2009, organizes amateur boxing fights in mostly Boston and New York, as well as providing intensive training to those who are interested, and donating the proceeds for cancer cure.

Tammy Schuetz-Cook is inspired by those who have lost their battle to cancer, and she is determined to give hope and inspiration so others won’t have to go through that.

She has fought through the tough trainings to get into the ring, and though that is not exactly what a person with cancer goes through, she understands the determination, hard work and perseverance that cancer survivors go through to battle cancer.