Ho Shou Wu

Ho Shou Wu


Ho Shou Wu, or Fo-Ti, is a much honored herb that has been known in Asia for centuries for it’s longevity and beneficial rejuvenating effects. Highly prized in China as an adaptogenic herb, Ho Shou Wu possesses properties similar to ginseng and increases strength in the liver, kidneys, bones, and muscles. It is known to calm the nervous system and clear the eyes. A member of the buckwheat family, ho shou wu contains bioflavonoid-like compounds that help protect and maintain blood vessel health. You can find this remarkable herb in health food stores everywhere.

Molten Ecstatic Beings

½ cup pumpkin seeds, soaked for at least two hours
2 cups water
Pinch Himalayan pink salt
½ cup goji berries, soaked for just two minutes
⅓ cup agave nectar
¼ teaspoon ho shou wu (also known as fo-ti)
5 young dandelion leaves

Inside every couch potato there’s an ecstatic being trying to get out. Blend everything together until smooth make a smoothie that’ll make everyone shine.

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