Lance Armstrong Interview

Lance Armstrong Interview on Oprah

41-year old former professional road racing cyclist and testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong confessed on Oprah last night regarding his extensive doping during his seven Tour de France titles.

In the 2½ hours of questions from Winfrey at a downtown Austin hotel, Lance Armstrong showed his sociopathic personality, by talking about how he sued close friends, roommates, teammates, business partners and associates through the years in an effort to protect his lies.

Lance Armstrong said he started taking performance-enhancing drugs in the mid-1990s and that his “cocktail” of choice was banned testosterone, EPO and blood transfusions using his own boosted blood. In essence he revealed that his “mythic, perfect story” was “one big lie,”

According to Yahoo, Lance Armstrong also addressed Betsy Andreu, the wife of a former teammate Frankie Andreu, who testified that while lying in a hospital bed in 1996 Armstrong told his doctor that he had doped.

Regarding Emma O’Reilly, an Irish massage therapist who began working for his team while in her 20s, Armstrong said: “She’s one of those people I have to apologize to. She got run over, got bullied.”

Just before the interview, which was taped on Monday, Lance Armstrong had a wrenching apology to the staff at the Livestrong charity he founded and has now been forced to surrender.