Fergie Baby Rumors

Fergie Baby Rumors

37-year old Ferigie, the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas, is rumored to be pregnant.

This is not the first time Fergie has had baby rumors, in fact it goes back to 2008. According to OMG!, the latest round began a few days ago when she was spotted wearing an oversized coat.

It reached a fever pitch recently when she walked the red carpet to support her husband, 40-year old Josh Duhamel, at the premiere of his latest movie, “Safe Haven.” While she still looked beautiful, her belly was not as flat as we are used too seeing her in belly-bearing tops.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel were married in January 2009, and they have been dogged with pregnancy rumors ever since.

In an interview with Rachel Ray, Fergie said: “[People ask if I’m pregnant] every time I fluctuate a few pounds. Like right now, I’m a couple pounds up. Sometimes I go a couple pounds down and I wear the clothes that are more fitted, but people kind of look at me because they’re expecting [that] it’s that time. We do hope for children and that will be coming up, but it’s not yet.”