Christina Aguilera Weight at AMA 2012

Christina Aguilera Weight at AMA 2012

31-year old Christina Aguilera looked much fuller at the 2012 American Music Awards (AMA), raising speculation about her weight.

According to reports, some of the tweets from the AMA viewers included:

“Carrie Underwood is what Christina Aguilera thinks she looks like right now. And no one has the heart to tell her “NAWL.”

“Christina Aguilera looks like Snooki. No wait, that’s an insult to Snooki.”

“Did Christina Aguilera eat one of Willy Wonka’s blueberries?”

But Aguilera was not without her Twitter defenders.

“Christina Aguilera looked gorgeous last night. I love this dress and the diva attitude she is serving!”

“Anyone who says Christina Aguilera isnt amazing can leave nearest exit to the left thanks.”

“New hairstyle and looking gorgeous! Christina Aguilera aka Legendtina Godulara!”

Christina Aguilera lately has had weight issues, which is no surprise, so expect a curvier Christina Aguilera as she ages.