Charlene Wittstock Plastic Surgery Lip Job

Charlene Wittstock Plastic Surgery Lip Job

We may not know for sure if 33-year old Charlene Wittstock, now Princess Charlene of Monaco had plastic surgery before her wedding to Prince Albert II of Monaco over the weekend, but reports is that as a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa she does have a strict workout regiment and her lips seems to be plumper.

According to Vogue, “Charlene Wittstock retired from professional swimming, but she still trains at least three times a week, often with her former Olympic coach. In preparation for the perpetual camera-readiness expected of her as first lady of Monaco, she has cut out weight training and increased her stretching time to give her body a leaner line.”

According to German magazine “Bild and Bunte,” Charlene Wittstock’s lips grow mysteriously in a span of a few weeks. You can see from the photo above the difference in her lips.

According to one prominent German plastic surgeon, Dr. Wolfgang Kümpel, who spoke to Bunte magazine regarding “Lipgate 2011″:

“It is quite obvious that they injected [Hyaluronic acid] under her upper lip,’ Kümpel noted, ‘… it is well done. Not too much, very appropriate. In particular, the fuller upper lip is advantageous because otherwise she has a very thin upper lip. Now the whole thing looks harmonious.’ According to a beauty expert, Charlene’s upper lip was likely injected with the Hyaluronic acid, Juvederm. The cost: 300 to 400 Euros per session, the procedure must be repeated every six months.”

There it is, Charlene Wittstock has had a lip job just like many celebrities. Now you know.