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Valentines Day Feng Shui Part 3

Valentines Day

Things we need to bring the love power:

1. Space
when the love power is coming to you, space is essential. So empty some space in your room for the love power. For example, empty half of your emergency box, or half of your closet. And of course, your drawer. Moreover, empty the other nightstand, or put something your lover likes.

2. Paired things and furniture
The reason is obvious, replace the single decorated objects with paired objects.

3. Some pink object
In Feng Shui, pink is the color of love. So a pink object can help you to store the love power. Even a pink painting on your bed side will help.

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Valentines Day Feng Shui Help Continued

Feng shui Valentines Day Love

The things you need to get rid of:

  1. Anything related to the ex.
    To begin a new relationship, you must say goodbye to your past. So throw away all the gifts, love letters, and picture about the past love.
  2. Anything as a representative of “being a single”
    Get rid of all those things as a symbol of single. For example, you have a self-portrait, give it to your friend. That portrait can only bring the power of being a single person.
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Valentines Day Feng Shui Help

Valentines Day Love

Valentine day is coming. Are you with someone special? Or you are single now? Have you ever found that your love life is not always smooth? Maybe Feng Shui can help you!

Maybe your “Lucky-Point-of-Love” is right in the corner of your bedroom, but you never know it before. No matter where it is, the key point is how to attract and store the love power. In that case, you should get rid of some of your unlucky objects and buy some lucky goods. Then the lover power will come to you right away.

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Feng Shui: To Bring Good Health Continued

Feng Shui Bedroom

  • Avoid beam right above bed, desk and dining table. It will give you a feeling of oppression. If not possible, build a ceiling to cover the beam.
  • Irregular shaped room can not be used as the master bedroom. It will make the couple sterile.
  • Do not put a big mirror facing the bed or on the sides of your bed. It will make you lose sleep, and sometimes could bring you bad dreams.
  • Use a four legged bed, but do not put too much stuff under it.
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Feng Shui: To Bring Good Health

Feng Shui Bedroom

The arrangement of the bed is very important. We spend about a third of our day in bed, so it is very important to get a good sleep. There are some rules to arrange your bed:

  1. Put your bed against a solid wall. The solid wall ensures that your career and life are built upon a strong foundation and you will meet people who can guide you and help you.
  2. Do not let your bed face the bathroom. In Feng Shui, the bathroom generates negative Qi, which is a negative element.
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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

In ancient times as well as today, Feng Shui, is widely considered in selecting a construction site, arranging furniture, and building appearance design. The word pronounced in English as [fʊŋ’ʃwi:] (“fung shwee”) or [fʊŋ’ʃweɪ] (“fung shway”), was known as “Kan-Yu” which means ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth’. Feng shui literally translates as “wind-water”. There are many rules in placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. For example, Feng Shui believes that running water or water with living fish can bring fortune. Next time when you go to an Asian restaurant, search around, you can always find a water tank with fish near the entrance.

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