Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery

26-year old former Bachelorette Emily Maynard, everyone’s favorite single mom has come along way from her simple southern upbringing to her current look thanks to plastic surgery.

According to many reports, she most likely had breast implants and a nose job before before appearing on the Brad Womack season of “The Bachelor.”

Top Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall, who has not treated Emily Maynard, said: “I would guess that she has had a good rhinoplasty and also breast augmentation. Her nose is shorter and better proportioned for her face. I like it. Clothes hide a variety of sins, and it is difficult to judge her breast augmentation fully clothed. In Boston my breast implant patients want to look natural in and out of clothing. Emily’s implants look a little large for her frame in her ‘after’ photos and too ‘bulgy’ in the upper breast. This happens when the implant selected is wider than her breast-not only looks too ’round’ and less natural, but can cause problems with stretching and sagging of the skin with time. The patients in Boston want to look less ‘done’ and more natural.”

Emily Maynard Wiki

Morgantown, West Virginia native Emily Maynard lost her fiance, professional race car driver Ricky Hendrick, in a plane crash on October 24, 2004. Rick and Emily had been dating for four years (since they were 15 years old), and were engaged for about six months when Ricky passed away. The Friday after Ricky’s death, Emily learned she was pregnant with their now-5-year-old daughter Ricki.

Emily won Brad Womack’s affections on “The Bachelor Season 15,” but because of distance and a whole host of other issues, the pair did not last. Emily was engaged to Utah entrepreneur Jef Holm. Emily fell hard for Jef as the Bachelorette, accepting his proposal during the Season 8 finale in Curacao. Sadly, Emily and Jef spilt in October 2012.

Emily Maynard resides in Charlotte, NC.