Alicia Witt Plastic Surgery

Alicia Witt Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

37-year old actress Alicia Witt seems to have enhanced her bust line with plastic surgery breast implants, especially with her appaerance on Two and Half Men a few years back, which got people talking.

Alicia Witt began as a child actor in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series, and has played roles in TV shows such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Cybill, Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King and more.

In her before and after photos above, it does seem that Alicia has a fuller chest in the after photos and her breast implants are proportionate to her body and is subtle.

Regarding her plastic surgery breast implants, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, said: “There are before and after photos that may show a tasteful breast augmentation. IF she’s had breast implants placed, it appears she’s gone from an A to a B. I often have patients who ask for relatively small implants (less than 325cc) so that it’s not obvious to others that breast augmentation has been done.”

He further added: “I’ve never watched Two and a Half Men, but I hear the show is pretty funny. She looks good.”

Alicia Witt has been married to Nathan Foulger since 2003.