This Auburn football signee tackles cancer like a lineman would – keeps dream alive

Nothing can stop him from playing football again. Not even cancer.

6’5 320 pounds Auburn football recruit Brodarious Hamm, who got diagnosed with stage-two Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 18, keeps his hope alive of continuing his dream as a football player, knowing that the football recruiting process has no match for his fight with cancer.

Brodarious Hamm Auburn Football Player Cancer Story(Via ABC WTVM and Photo Credit: Jan Foster)

He is mustering all his strength and determination to beat his cancer and play in Auburn as an offensive lineman, something he always dreamed of as a child growing up in Georgia.

Brodarious sums it up like this, “It’s a fight in football. It’s a struggle sometimes, but you have to fight through adversity and don’t let it settle.” He takes his cancer diagnosis with the same attitude, and he intends to fight through it and don’t let it bring him down.

With a supportive team and coaches, he hopes to play football again. Sometimes we have to gather our inner strength to push through tough times and this young man shows us we all have that potential.