How a woman who was told she would be in a wheelchair, instead competed in a triathlon

This is an inspirational story of how a woman, who was told she would be in a wheelchair in a few short years, instead trained hard and with lots of determination, competed in a triathlon against all odds.

After being diagnosed with systemic rheumatoid arthritis at age 31, and dealing with severe pain in her lower back, Sarina Macklin went on a journey of intensive rehabilitation and education, taking no for an answer. She was determined to win back her life from severe pain, despite being told she will be in a wheelchair in 4 years.

Sarina Macklin Triathlon(Via ABC Canberra News)

After intensive training for years, using a holistic approach, including dietary changes, she was able to compete in a triathlon. She was able to spread her inspirational story of determination and hope to other people suffering with chronic pain, letting them know that one can take back control of one’s life and prove even doctors wrong.