Aetna may start paying for your Apple Watch to keep you healthy

Yes, health insurance companies may have an incentive to keep track of your daily healthy routines to keep their claims down.

Health insurance giant Aetna is planning on rolling out to select companies and employees to acquire the Apple Watch at significant discounts, in essence providing affordable subsidy programs for the Apple Watch, which will enable them to develop apps that make it easier to access medical professionals and manage prescriptions and medicine intake.

Apple Watch(Via The Next Web)

Aetna plans on rolling it out soon, and plans to purchase Apple Watches for its entire workforce of 50,000. So look for health-tracking apps for Apple Watch courtesy of your health insurance company soon. You may not have a choice if your employer mandates all employees use them.

If you are not monitoring your health now, you may be nudged to very soon by your employer and health insurance provider.