Man beats cancer 7 times and he is about to do it for the eight time – simply astonishing!

Who said you cannot survive cancer seven times? This man did and he is fighting to survive cancer for the eight time.

New Zealand’s Phil Kerslake has become nationally and internationally known for beating cancer many times against many odds, but his eight time fighting cancer, while the most challenging yet, doesn’t deter this cancer survivor who has brought hope and inspiration to those fighting cancer around the world.

Phil Kerslake New Zealand 7-time Cancer Survivor(Via

In fact, Phil Kerslake was bestowed New Zealand’s Order of Merit for services to people affected by cancer, and also received a Global Hero of Hope award in the US over the years.

Now that his cancer has spread to his liver and bones, you might expect this seven-time cancer survivor champion to retire, but not Phil who at 56-years old, has battled cancer since he was 14 and won every time. Yes, he wants to be an eight-time cancer survivor champion, and he has the determination and hope to do it.

Seven-time cancer survivor champion – wow!

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Despite almost dying from his many surgeries, stem cell transplant, multiple rounds of chemotherapy over several years and nine operations to remove cancer-filled lymph glands, Phil sums it up this way, “I’m strong-willed and determined.” Now that is a champion we should all emulate!