Meet this 3-time breast cancer survivor who never gave up despite losing her husband

This 3-time breast cancer survivor Genie Jones, who is a triple negative, found the will and the strength to fight on despite her stage 4 breast cancer and personal challenges.

Despite losing her husband when her breast cancer returned the third time, she still found hope to fight on and she never gave up, summing up all her strength and with fellow breast and cervical cancer survivors and patients at her local YMCA, she was able to battle through her cancer and survive.

Genie Jones 3 Time Breast Cancer Survivor Story

(Via WCSH 6 News)

It all started within a few weeks back in 2005, after her late husband had a failed open heart surgery, when she noticed a lump in her breast. Still dealing with her husband’s illness, she summoned the strength to deal with her breast cancer diagnosis.

Through her long journey with breast cancer, she has realized that with a supportive group of cancer survivors, she can share her feelings and provide, as well as receive hope to continue battling cancer.