5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Program Fresh and Exciting

New Exercise Routines

One of the biggest issues that people find when they are trying to exercise consistently is getting bored with their routine, or worse, their body hitting a plateau and not losing unwanted pounds.

Research has shown that keeping a varied exercise regime is incredibly important to staying fit for life. Experts agree that switching up cardio and weight lifting work outs every few weeks helps keep you and your metabolism on its toes.

With that in mind, it does a body good to keep in the know about new exercises out there and what ways to change up the normal routine. Here are five ways you can keep your fitness program fresh and exciting:

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3 Ways to Creating a Yoga Practice at Home

Yoga Practice at Home

If someone was to tell you that there is something that you can do for yourself that will help you lose weight, gain energy, rid yourself of disease and lingering injury and help you connect with your highest purpose, would you believe them?

The truth is, is that there is a practice out there that can help you in all of the ways listed above…yoga. A practice of the ages, yoga has only in the last few decades gained popularity in the west. Yoga – through the movement that is interlinked with a deep belly breath – can create immense amounts of positivity in life, especially when it is done on a regular, daily occurrence.

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When Should You Use Props with Yoga?

How to use yoga props

It wasn’t a part of the original design of yoga 10,000 years ago, but that is not to say that props don’t have a role in yoga in current times. Despite its nonexistence in historical times, yoga props play an important part in keeping safe and healthy on the journey of developing an asana practice.

For some, the use of a prop is mandatory. For others bringing props into the equation is not a part of their world. What is important for you is that you are paying attention to your own body and your own practice when it comes to using props or not. If you are feeling confused here are few points to consider when contemplating incorporating a prop or two into your personal practice.

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How to Use CrossFit to be Your Healthiest

CrossFit Workouts

Are you looking for an exercise practice that makes you fit, svelte and in the best shape of your life? Do you want to have a team of professionals that supports you and teaches you what is necessary to become the fittest person you could be? Does the sound of working out in a community environment where everyone is on the same page and there for each other sound fabulous?

Well, may we introduce to you a fairly new strength and fitness program that has taken the United States by storm…Crossfit.

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3 Great Workouts to Tone your Butt

Workouts to tone your butt

Aaaaah the derriere…the roundness of every human being that can be seen from the back is something of discussion in today’s society. First it was JLo that made the tight, big butt popular. Then came others, like Beyonce, Serena Williams and the Kardashians. Now a voluptuous butt is not only hot on women, but men as well. The days of having a saggy butt, or worse yet, a bottom that is non-existent, are over. The time has come to celebrate your backside.

But first comes the work. Workouts that is.

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Running on a Treadmill vs Running Outside: 5 Things to Know

running-feetRunning can be one of the greatest exercises out there for losing weight quickly and efficiently. It not only gets the metabolism up by activating the cardiovascular system, but it also involves the entire muscular system as well as balance. In addition, for women, running is an excellent way to combat osteoporosis due to the fact that it strengthens bones by being a high impact sport.

But is all running created equal? Here are some interesting tidbits of information you should know if you are thinking about incorporating a running routine into your life, or you already have…

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Top 4 Workouts to Fight Bra Bulge and Get a Sexier Back

Back-Workout-for-womenIt might be one of the most embarrassing bulges ever…the bra bulge. You know the one: that lovely extra baggage of skin that pokes out from around what would have been a sexy bra. It is an area on the body that many women struggle with, so if you suffer from bra bulge know that you are not alone.

The bra bulge, though a common body concern for many, is not something that is unstoppable. The bra bulge can be defeated by a well-balanced diet, staying away from fast food restaurants, and visiting the yoga studio and gym frequently. It might sound like a lot, but isn’t it worth it?

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Getting The Perfect Abs

10 Tricks to Getting Perfect Abs

How to get perfect abs

In the height of summer it is more important than ever to have that tight, toned stomach. It makes it easier to hang out on the beach. It makes the bathing suit look better. Not to mention, a svelte belly is a broadcasting advertisement that you are serious about your health.

To help you create the belly you want we put together ten tricks to make your stomach something you can be proud of, on the beach or wherever you are…

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Brazilian Butt Lift Workouts

Get Your Best Butt with the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

brazilian-butt-workoutsBathing suit season is here and you sure want to look good in that new bikini of yours. If you want your butt to look better and shapelier this coming beach season then the Brazilian Butt Lift workout is exactly what you need no matter what shape of derriere you have.

We each are blessed (or not blessed, depending on how you look at it) with our own, uniquely shaped bottom. Some of us are more pear shaped, while others are more like a juicy, red apple. Others still may be linked to the pancake category. Luckily for all us, no matter what type of booty you have you can make it look scrumptious by incorporating this ingenious workout plan into your healthy activities.

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Exercises to do While Pregnant

Top 5 Exercises to Do While Pregnant

Pregnant Women Exercising

Excitement abounds when it is learned that a couple is expecting a child. It is a wondrous occasion that deserves the attention that it gets. But don’t let that excitement fade too quickly.

If you are pregnant take that excitement into a mindset of staying healthy, including exercising. Working out is a fabulous way for women to stay vibrant and full of energy during their nine months of carrying a child. Although it is important to note that there are certain aspects of exercise that an expectant mom should stay away from including:

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