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Dentist Reviews in Alabama and Cities

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Barganier, Paul, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  1 Star - Worst
Wait Time: 20mins.
THE FOLLOWING IS MY OPINION-- I wasted 2 years with this urologist. First had FAILED prostate microwaving & was told that Transurethral Resection or TURP would be DEFINITIVE Therapy for enlarged prostate.Had that & it made me WORSE. Also caused orgasmic sensation loss. TURP 2 was 3 weeks later & only put me back to where I'd been. TURP 3 three months later made no difference. Horrible testicular pain written off as "infection"--no inguinal hernia that required near emergency operation by another physician. Bladder neck contracture resulted from the 3 TURPS & that meant an operation by another urologist. TURP 3 caused Peyronie's Disease that I was NEVER warned was a possibility. When a drug he prescribed (Avodart) caused breast enlargement or Gynocomastia, he joked about it in the presence of his female nurse who was later my student. Imagine how I felt when he talked about my "man boobs"-- what a sensitive, carring guy.....He profained 2 physicians to me, one another urologist in a differenct city and one who practices in his same building. How is that for "professional intgegrity?" I was threatened with a lawsuit for postings like this one- Know what happened to me COULD happen to you. My advice? AVOID THIS GUY LIKE THE PLAGUE! - George Terrell
Posted 2009-06-04 19:27:39 by Anonymous
Hernandez, Miguel, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  5 Star - Excellent
Wait Time: 5mins.
I had just came back from a missionary trip to Africa and was really sick when I got back. I was referred to Dr. Delgado, and I must say he was able to pinpoint the cause of my symptoms and accurately diagnose my condition promptly. His tenacity in finding out the cause of my ailment was beyond belief. I truly appreciate his efforts and his staff.
Posted 2009-10-09 17:41:23 by Anonymous
Bradford, Edward, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  3 Star - Average
Wait Time: 30mins.
Decent service treatment and office staff. My routine cleaning was okay and wait time was a bit long.
Posted 2009-11-07 13:42:11 by Anonymous
Aycock, Krissie, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  4 Star - Good
Wait Time: 20mins.
Good dentist. I had not been to a dentist since I was under my parents insurance. Dr. Aycock was very professional and helpful. She also explained the procedure and my options in detail.
Posted 2010-03-03 16:35:47 by Anonymous
Hill, Jeffrey, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  3 Star - Average
Wait Time: 45mins.
Average doctor. Typical office. may not be very familiar with tropical diseases from Africa.
Posted 2010-05-25 16:16:18 by Anonymous
Osborne, J Greg, Birmingham, AL
User Rating:  2 Star - Worse
Wait Time: 90mins.
They were slow to attend to me, keeping me waiting for what seemed like eternity. Poor patient services.
Posted 2012-02-23 17:40:23 by Anonymous