Katie Holmes Valentine’s Day Plans and Traditions

Katie Holmes Valentine’s Day Plans and Traditions

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, 34-year old Katie Holmes, who was formerly married to actor Tom Cruise, and has 6-year old daughter Suri Cruise, revealed her Valentine’s Day plans and traditions for all to know.

As a notorious sweet tooth, Katie Holmes indicates that she loves chocolates and other candy quite a lot. She began celebrating early when she arrived at the Godiva Rockefeller Center boutique in New York City with her mother and her aunt on Thursday. As we soon learned, spending Valentine’s Day with her mom is an important part of the holiday. Well, after been married to Tom Cruise, mother is definitely a better option.

In an exclusive interview with omg!, Katie said: “My mom always made us red pancakes growing up. Growing up in Ohio, it usually was snowing a lot this time of year, so there were a couple of snow days that fell around Valentine’s Day. It made it extra special.”

Besides red pancakes on Valentine’s Day, she also includes fresh blooms, which she shares with her daughter Suri.

At the Godiva store, she felt like a little kid in a candy store. She tasted many of the Godiva chocolate varieties and said: “I like everything. I try to not overdo it. It’s amazing how your body just wants chocolate at this time of year.”

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