Rihanna New Tattoo

Rihanna New Tattoo

24-year old Rihanna has added a new tattoo, this time a huge tattoo of the “Egyptian goddess Isis” under her breasts, as a tribute to her late grandmother who sadly passed away earlier this year.

According to RadarOnline, Rihanna revealed her new tattoo to her Twitter followers on Sunday night.

Rihanna Tattoo Under Breast

Rihanna Tattoo Under Breast

Rihanna’s new breast tattoo was posted with the following tweet: “Goddess Isis-Complete Woman- Model for future generations- # GRANGRANDDOLLY- always in and on my heart.”

Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, was said to be “the ideal mother and wife.” She was also friends with everyone — both rich and poor.

Some of her other notable tattoos include her “shhh…” tattoo on her index finger, the Tupac Shakur-inspired “thug life” across her knuckles, and “rebelle fleur” (roughly “rebel flower” in French) on her neck.

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