Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery

43-year old Heather Dubrow of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” seems to have enhanced her look with cosmetic plastic surgery.

You be the judge, but by looking at her face, which seems to have the typical plastic look, one can surmise that she has had other plastic surgery procedures, particularly breast implants.

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heather Dubrow is married to Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, and seems to have had some Botox and other fillers as well.

In a conversation with RadarOnline, Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said: “She appears to have undergone Botox to her forehead and injections of filler or fat into her cheeks. All in a day’s work for the plastic surgeon husband of a Real Housewife!”

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